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I'm pleased to announce that I've finally converted a few of my ideas and aspirations for eXtremities into some semblence of reality.

What's here now isn't quite how I envisioned things, but that may well be for the better. To be honest, I'm not sure I ever did know exactly what I did have in mind, and I don't think it really matters: the journey is more important than the final destination. Moreover, I've learnt (several times, so maybe not) that what you think you want doesn't always fit the bill, so it's important to be aware of what feels right and works for you, and what doesn't. That's why I'm evolving things myself rather than using one of the many highly-regarded tools that are out there: not only is it more fun, satisfying (when things work) and instructive (when they don't), but until I figure out what I'm looking for I couldn't know which system(s) are worth trying.

As the Chinese proverb says: if I read, I forget; if I see, I remember; if I do, I understand.

What now?

I've got a bunch of notes in various stages of preparation, which I hope to post here in the near future.

I also plan to evolve both infrastructure and content in various directions – some of which are still unknown even to me. Comments on what I've got thus far, what you'd like to see, and/or suggest I look at would therefore be most welcome.

All the best — David Bruce

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